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Skills covered in this course

Number and Quanitity

Algebra and Functions


Statistics and Probability



  • Step 1: Course Orientation
  • Step 2: Diagnostic Exam (Practice Test 1)
  • Step 3: Develop and Implement your Study Plan

Number and Quanitity

  • A: Ratios and Proportional Relationships
  • B: The Real Number System
  • C: Quantities

Algebra and Functions

  • A. Seeing Structure in Expressions
  • B. Reasoning with Equations and Inequalities
  • C. Functions


  • A. Congruence and Similarity
  • B. Right Triangles
  • C. Circles
  • D. Geometric Measurement and Dimension

Statistics and Probability

  • A. Basic Statistic and Probability
  • B. Interpreting Categorical and Quantitative Data
  • C. Using Probability to Make Decisions

Praxis Core Mathematics Post-Assessment

  • Practice Test 2

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  • MORE, free Praxis Core math practice tests

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